Painting Carnival Glass, Step by Step! / by Angela Bandurka

Yesterday I was painting with a friend, Bonnie Black, and noticed some really cool, iridescent yellowy glass bowls on her counter. She said that there were called "Carnival Glass" and were given out when you went to the movies during the earlier half of the century. She sent me home with a glass and bowl to borrow and paint; and so last night I decided to take the challenge of this glass online. Setting up the scene in my studio with the glass, a rose, and some greenery, I decided to post my progress on facebook for my friends and followers to watch.

Here is the full night's work - from just after quarter to 7pm until 11pm or so:

The set up - it was on my right side, lit with a strong spotlight on the left that clipped to the table. I painted from life, and this is a great example of why that's important - you just can't get all the richness and variety of value and colour when you paint from a photo!

And so it begins:

 And throughout the process, my 18-week Miniature Pinscher puppy, Oliver, slept in his ex-pen!

The final painting, to be named soon! If you want to help me name it,

become my facebook friend and enter your suggestion!