About the back of your work... / by Angela Bandurka

Ah, the poor back of a painting. It can be sadly neglected by many of us who don't have our work framed. But why not use its valuable real estate for something more interesting?

  • Glue special keepsakes that mean something to the back. When I painted my piece "Don't Be Afraid To Take Chances" I kept the original fortune and glued it to the back of the piece, to one of the stretcher bars.
  • Write down the Title, Size, Medium, Year the piece was created, then add your URL, that'll allow the paintings owners to see other works by you even years later!
  • Paint or Draw something fun on the stretcher bar
  • Cover the back with wallpaper or something creative

And of course, the most important thing: String it neatly and professionally for hanging:

  • DO use strong D-rings, sized appropriately to carry the weight of your painting
  • DO place the D-rings far enough down from the top that the 1-inch or longer hanging hardware on the wall won't show above your work
  • DO consider coated wire: it looks nicer and it doesn't cut your thumbs as you put it on the D-rings
  • DO use a neat knot to attach the wire to each D-ring, then loop the wire around tightly at least 4-5 times and trim with wire cutters as close to the main wire as you can
  • Check out this handy instructional video for attaching D-rings and wire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdU0B8ov2Z0