Cleaning your New Wave Acrylic Palette / by Angela Bandurka


One of the best tools in studio is my New Wave Easy Lift palette, perfect for my acrylic paintings. If the paint dries in thick globs, it's a breeze to just peel it off - but most of the time I find that I'm using all of the paint and only a thin skin of paint is left behind. If I use my palette knife to scrape the paint off, I'm left with scrapes and streaks on the surface of the palette! What's a gal to do?


My solution: peel off the thickest paint, then use it as an eraser, to easily peel off all of the remaining paint! Super easy and so much more environmentally friendly than throwing away a paper palette :) 

You can get a New Wave Easy Palette at Artspot in Edmonds, and if you are taking one of my workshops, let them know as you will get 10% off.

PS: this sounds like an ad, but I did not receive any compensation for this blog post.