Canvas Prints at Costco? Amazing! / by Angela Bandurka

OK, so I use Costco all the time for stocking up on toilet paper and salmon, but I've only just recently discovered their photo center's canvas printing service and had to share.

Using their website, I uploaded my high resolution photographs (I usually shoot my own paintings with a digital DSLR camera that I purchased at Costco five years ago) and for less than the cost of an 8x10 canvas print at their competitor's website, I got an amazing 30x20-inch one! You can use your computer, tablet or phone to upload your files. Less than a week after uploading the file, I was called in to the Silver Lake location to pick up my order. Nicola, the gal behind the counter was super friendly and helpful. Plus this month there is a $10 coupon in the Costco app or coupon book. Bonus!

One of my friends, a photographer who shows his work at galleries around the country, told me that he uses Costco exclusively for printing his photographs, something that surprised me. It's good to know that!

Needless to say, I'll now be able to offer canvas prints to my collectors - scroll to the bottom of this page to see which pieces are available for purchase at this time. I'll also have some canvas prints at Edmonds Art Studio Tour this September!

AVAILABLE NOW FOR PURCHASE AS A CANVAS PRINT (contact me if you'd like another painting made into a canvas print):