A Proposal of Epic Proportions by Angela Bandurka

One of my very favourite artists, Michele Usibelli, recently did paid me a great compliment when she recommended me to a client for a commission that she was unable to work into her schedule. The client, Kevin, wanted to propose to his girlfriend at the Seattle Art Museum (within a month or so) and he wanted to have it set up as a "Special Event" that would feature a painting of him proposing to his girlfriend in the space where the painting was sitting. Read on for more...

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Texture: Tactile or Visual by Angela Bandurka

There are many different ways to add texture to your work. You can add it with your support choice, as a process on the base layer, throughout the process, or during the final steps.

Here are a few examples of how you can create texture before, and during the process. At the end of these samples, you'll see how you can add some texture to the final stage.

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Demo: Adding warms/cools AFTER the fact... by Angela Bandurka

Color temperature was always confusing to me. I didn't "see" it - when an instructor would say, "do you see those warm yellows there, and the blue in that shadow there", I was honestly lost! I didn't see those colours! It took years of training (and I'm always learning and growing as an artist so the training continues) to teach my brain to see the way an artist sees. This is something you CAN learn :)

Here is a very simplistic example of how you can work on a piece, ignoring temperature at the start - and then add it after the fact.

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Cleaning your New Wave Acrylic Palette by Angela Bandurka

One of the best tools in studio is my New Wave Easy Lift palette, perfect for my acrylic paintings. If the paint dries in thick globs, it's a breeze to just peel it off - but most of the time I find that I'm using all of the paint and only a thin skin of paint is left behind. If I use my palette knife to scrape the paint off, I'm left with scrapes and streaks on the surface of the palette! What's a gal to do?


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