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Demo: Adding warms/cools AFTER the fact... by Angela Bandurka

Color temperature was always confusing to me. I didn't "see" it - when an instructor would say, "do you see those warm yellows there, and the blue in that shadow there", I was honestly lost! I didn't see those colours! It took years of training (and I'm always learning and growing as an artist so the training continues) to teach my brain to see the way an artist sees. This is something you CAN learn :)

Here is a very simplistic example of how you can work on a piece, ignoring temperature at the start - and then add it after the fact.

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What Should I Do With The Background? by Angela Bandurka

When painting from photos or from life, you are the one who gets to decide what stays and what goes in your work. If you have a photo of a scene you'd like to capture on canvas, but feel that the background is too distracting - replace it with another background or edit the existing background to work better. Just make sure that it's contextually relevant and that it doesn't detract attention away from your main subject. Read more to find out some options on how to do that...a 

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