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WORKSHOP: Mastering Color: Oil, Acrylic, or Gouache

  • Cole Gallery 107 Fifth Avenue S Edmonds, WA (map)


A two day color theory workshop for any artist interested in learning more about color. $275 per person.


Color is so complicated, and learning the rules and how to break them gives you a lot of power when you sit down to paint. Angela will take you through the theory, give you practical projects to help illustrate the theory, and helpful email summaries at the end of each class.


Sat/Sun February 8th and 9th, 2020
10:30am–5:30pm with a one-hour lunch break from 1–2pm


Cole Gallery Studio, 107 Fifth Ave, Edmonds, WA


Register online or call Cole Gallery at 425.697.2787

Color is one of the most complex areas of painting. Learning how to darken or lighten your mixes effectively so they don’t get too “chalky” or “dull” is one of the best ways to improve your painting skills. A color wheel can only get you so far, and there are so many tubes of color, how do you decide which ones to use in which painting? 

Angela’s weekend color workshop will take you through the technical part of color mixing, down to the physical act of playing with your color and learning how to create a resource for use throughout your painting journey. Students are encouraged to bring in work that they've finished or are in the process of completing on day two for one-on-one color mentoring.

What you can expect to learn:

    • How to change the value of your color

    • What color temperature is and why you should learn it

    • How to change the colors in your subject matter effectively

    • The benefit of a limited color palette

    • How to achieve color harmony within your work

    • What to wear: clothes that can get stained

    • What to bring: a smile and painting supplies

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