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The Contemporary Still Life

  • Cole Gallery 107 Fifth Ave Edmonds, WA (map)


A class to help bring your own voice to your still life painting. One of the most basic things we'll learn is how to approach the painting process to start with. Setting up the scene, discovering ways to use your single light source to create drama, and the easiest way to draw an oval correctly! Plus, you'll learn the tips and tricks to make metal and glass look more realistic without being overly photographic.

Angela will demonstrate how to select a subject matter, set it up for painting in a way that feels fresh, and how to design the lighting for maximum drama. One day's demo will done in oils, the next day's in acrylics so that you can see how to use each medium to your advantage. Artists of any medium are welcome and can benefit (please contact Angela before class to discuss supplies).

All part of the valuable insight this Award Winning Artist will share during your weekend together. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from this master of the still life!


Nov 7 and Nov 8: 10:30am-4:30pm each day 


Call Cole Gallery at 425.697.2787 or register online at

This class will be held in the Cole Art Studio located on the lower level of Cole Gallery.  107 5th Ave. S., Edmonds


Paint (acrylic or oils)

  • Titanium White
  • Primary Blue or Anthroquinone Blue
  • Primary Red or Alizarin Crimson (I prefer the permanent version)
  • Primary Yellow or Cadmium Yellow Light
  • Dioxazine Purple

Optional colors:

  • Titanium Buff (I use this IN PLACE of white, with bright white only added at the very end of my process) *for Oil Painters, use Warm White instead of Titanium Buff (unless using water soluble oils, then use Titan Buff)
  • Burnt Umber (this is very handy for mixing rich grays)
  • Carbon Black


  • One medium Flat, Bright or Filbert brush, like a #6
  • One Large Flat or Bright brush for covering the canvas with color
  • one small round brush, like a #4
  • Plus any other brushes you might have. 

I prefer to use inexpensive synthetic long-handled brushes for my acrylics, but a mix of natural and synthetic for my oils

Other Supplies to bring:

  • water receptacle
  • One support of your choice (or two, if you're painting oils or work quickly): panel (wood or canvas wrapped) or stretched canvas.
  • Small sketch pad for thumbnails 
  • Graphite Pencils
  • 2H, HB, and 4B
  • Chalk pastels: one dark and one light for value studies and sketching on canvases: pencil or stick form work. You can also use a white or grey chalk pastel instead.
  • palette to mix paints on (could be a paper palette pad, a traditional palette or whatever you prefer)
  • rags or paper towel (I like the blue shop towels!)
  • a table easel if you have it and prefer to use it over the flat tabletop
  • optional: digital camera or camera phone
  • optional: light modeling paste and white or clear gesso