HOW TO commission A PAINTING

A commission from early 2019. Click to view the image large

A commission completed in early 2018. Click the image to view larger.

A few commissions from over the years. Click the image to view larger.

Another commission from 2019.

Another commission from 2019.

A commissioned painting is an heirloom that can be passed down for generations. I would love to work together with you to create a memory of a loved one, a special memory, or place that is important to you. Pricing is by size, and I usually require about 3-6 months to complete a piece. Contact me to start the process!

How the process works

  1. We meet (in person or on the phone) and talk about your project - do you have a favorite pet you'd like to honor, a loved one who is dear to you? Whatever it is, I get an idea of what kind of piece you'd like to have in your home or office.

  2. A photo shoot is arranged, if necessary. I prefer to take photos myself most of the time, as I can arrange lighting and such to work best in a painting. What makes a good photo doesn't always lend itself to a good painting. We'll work together on that.

  3. Once the photos have been shot, I create rough thumbnail sketches to get an idea of how the pieces would go together on a canvas, and send that to you for your approval.

  4. After one sketch is approved, and the size (and price) is decided upon, it's time for the down payment. Half of the fee is due up front, and is non-refundable, to help offset the cost of supplies and time. I take most major credit cards and cash is always welcome.

  5. Once the painting is ready, I contact you for a viewing, and will usually send you a photo of the painting via email. (One hour of revisions is included in your cost, any revisions beyond that will be billed at $90/hr.)

  6. Final payment is due upon delivery of the painting. You will get the completed artwork (varnished and ready to hang) and a receipt of purchase. You are welcome to purchase prints of the piece to give family members or keep for yourself if you'd like.

Note: a painting is not a perfect rendering of your image. I use artistic license to move elements in the background to suit the piece, and will do my best to get a likeness of the people/animals in the painting. Likenesses are very difficult - I work hard instead on getting the right shapes, values, and color in the portrait and usually a likeness follows.

Timeline: I usually require 3-4 months advance notice to begin a painting, but may have a backlog. Be sure to contact me at the earliest possible date so that I have the time available to complete your commission.

Pricing: I price by size. For portraits, 8x10-inches is the minimum size (one person or animal). We will work together to fit your budget. A lot depends on the resource material. Commissions usually range between $500 and $2000.

Returns & Refunds: Because commissions are custom paintings, they can not be returned or exchanged after the final payment has been made. Refunds will not be given on the deposit for a commission as it covers my costs and partial time spent creating the piece. Thank you for understanding!

Ready to start? Contact me and we'll get the process rolling.