it all started in everett...

Carol had some business in the Robert J. Drewel Building in Everett, WA in September 2017, and happened past a display of some paintings hanging in the main foyer. Angela Bandurka had a pop-up gallery which included still life and portrait paintings, with some tennis-themed pieces that caught Carol's eye, including:


Love Of Competition

20x24-inches, Acrylic on Canvas



Game, Set, Match

15x30-inches, Acrylic on Canvas


part of an idea began to form

Carol grabbed Angela's business card from the display rack, thinking about a possible collaboration on a painting for Jahnavi, but somehow it became lost. She searched everywhere for the card but couldn't find it. The idea persisted, so she even went back to see if the work was still on display, but it had been taken down. Inquiring as to who might know the artist's info, she was sent around the building on a bit of a wild goose chase until finally she was able to find someone who could put her in touch with the artist.

On November 11th, 2017, Carol met with Angela (and her 12-yr old son, Gray), to talk about a commission. The idea became a plan, and was set into motion.


Step One: The sketch

Angela sent Carol & Joe with this initial sketch, created from photos that Carol had provided during their first meeting. From this sketch, option, "A" was selected and Angela ordered a high quality, portrait grade linen stretched canvas to paint on.


Step two: the Painting

Portraits are a tricky business; you want to try to create a likeness without the piece looking stiff, you want to honor the personality of the individual, and you want the painting to have a painterly feel so that it can become a timeless heirloom. In executing the painting, timelines vary, but are usually between 3-6 months.


The final step: a completed portrait

On February 3rd, 2018, Carol and Joe met the artist at her studio and saw the painting for the first time. They had two minor edits to make the piece before Angela wrapped up the portrait to take down to be delivered in San Francisco the following week. The completed painting was picked up on February 7th, 2018.

Carol and Joe, thank you so much for asking me to be a part of this amazing gift giving experience. It was truly an honor and I enjoyed working with you two on it. Jahnavi, I hope you enjoy your painting. It can be an odd experience at first to see yourself in a painting, but I hope you can see a spark of your incredible spirit in it. I'm truly in awe of your achievements as the first female tennis player to have been inducted into the Baylor University Hall of Fame; and as a woman, am proud to have been asked to paint your portrait. Congratulations!
–Angela Bandurka