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Want to paint in Gouache? Join me at Cole Gallery in Edmonds, WA March 23-24th, 2019. For more information, and to sign up, visit Materials used: PAINT: M.Graham Gouache in Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow Light, Quinacridone Rose, Cerulean Blue, and Ultramarine Blue SKETCHBOOK: Bee Super Deluxe Sketchbook, 12x9-inch PALETTE: Disposable paper palette, 12x9-inch Water Jug of any kind, I like a wide mouth container to use while painting!

OIL Demo: Penguin

Painting a penguin in oils from a photo.

aCRYLIC DEMO: glass of water

Painting a glass of water from life.

Glass of water

As a precursor to the acrylic painting demo, I showed some tips when drawing ovals, and how to look at the glass and observe what you see, not what you think you know :)

acrylic Skills:
softening edges with dry brushing

This demo shows how you can use acrylic’s fast dry time and still create soft edges by dry brushing the paint from one value or color to another.

TIMELAPSE VIDEO: Acrylics: ‘Sweet Tea’

A timelapse video of the painting of Sweet Tea in acrylics on canvas. Done in my studio in 2018. See the finished painting, here.