Custom Printing on Canvas for Fine Artists! / by Angela Bandurka

My original painting

My original painting

Nothing is ever going to be as good as the original, but I've just discovered a new resource for printing paintings on canvas that gives me the all options I need at the quality I've been looking for. Canvas Press does custom giclee prints on canvas - plus other great prints like wall murals and metal prints! I have a lot of paintings on odd sizes, like tall and skinny. Most outlets have standard print sizes and are not able to accomodate those kinds of irregular sizes. 

Here are some of the ways you can customize your print:

  • Depth can be 3/4-inch, 1.5-inch or 2 inches (I always prefer a 1.5-inch depth)
  • The edges can be the edges of the image wrapped around, mirrored on the edges, or color wrapped (I like a simple black edge)
  • You can select the finish - standard, matte, or glossy! (for paintings, I usually go glossy to really bring out the darks)
  • There are plenty of enhancements and artistic touches you can do for photos, but these aren't good when printing artwork
  • You can also choose to have text added on the print (for signage when you're doing shows!?!)
  • At the end, they ask you if you want a sawtooth hanger (NO) or a wire hanger (YES), a security hanger if you're showing the piece in a public space (Heck, YEAH!) or even nothing at all if you want to string the piece yourself and save some money!

The first time I printed a piece with them, I had some questions about the order - they were super fast and helpful! There is a great chat option to get help while you're working on your order.

The print just arrived and it looks great! I'm so happy with it I just had to share!

Hope this helps you as well :)