The Works of Angela Bandurka at Lagerquist Gallery, October 2018

I'm honoured to have a one-person show at Lagerquist Gallery in Atlanta, GA next month, and just finished up the last of the series I'll be shipping off later this month! You can get more details about the show, here

The 12x12s

These paintings are each 12x12-inches, small enough to fit any space!

This first little teacup, found at a small teashop in a neighbouring town, reminds me of my home. I grew up in a village in British Columbia, Canada, called "Chase" where the Dogwood is the provincial flower. As soon as I saw the cup, I had to buy it and the orange herbal tea is one I drink with my mom in the evenings. The second painting here is of sweetned iced tea, another favourite of mine, as sweetened iced tea is found all over B.C., and the south. It's so interesting to me as I find more and more similarities between my childhood home and the state of Georgia, where these paintings will be shown!

The Cleaning Up Series of Five:

These five paintings are part of a mini family, grouped by colour and hiding a little element in the background of each. The teacups, once a cherished part of the home, are being packed away nowadays. Their beauty is being hidden away. My hope is that this mini series can bring their beauty to light again, after all, there is nothing better than drinking your tea out of real porcelain cups :)